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Dating Apps are Ruining Your Love Life

4 reasons you shouldn't use dating apps when finding love

dating apps killed love

Dating apps have surged in popularity through the technological era, with many people using them to try and find a partner to build a relationship with - due to the practicality of downloading an app in a matter of seconds, as opposed to physically travelling to a bar or social meetup to try and meet someone.

But why, then, are these apps so bad for building a love life?

Unrealistic expectations

Dating apps have caused many people to have unrealistic expectations, judging people for the most superficial reasons and spending time examining your photos and examining the way you write texts before even having a conversation.

Everyone has an ideal checklist they use when 'matching' with people on dating apps, and these checklists are corrupted by unrealistic celebrity figures who spend weeks starving themselves to take a photo or even having such photos edited with editing software; these end up making people look for partners that suit these unrealistic expectations rather than find someone that connects with them on a deeper level.


Millions of people use dating apps, so even if you think that you have a great opener when trying to start a conversation with someone - chances are they have already heard the exact same line hundreds of times.

This also means that you have thousands of people to compete with just to get a response from someone, this is why dating apps do not operate as intended since people are looking to build a meaningful relationship on an app - which simply does not exist in abundance on such platforms.

Not genuine

Yes, dating apps are very quick and easy to use but they lack a certain genuininity when interacting with others.

In most cases, people are only exposed to profile pictures and brief 'bios' each person has written about themselves, neither gives a good idea of how a person actually is.

This leads to multiple issues; dismissing someone over their poor photography or writing skills, lying in order to impress people and not liking 'the way someone texts'.

No experience

When dating, people usually improve as they get more experience.

Understanding what goes wrong during a date is a key factor in allowing someone to develop themselves, however, dating apps don't allow such feedback.

Dating apps are a cruel cold system in which people may just stop responding to you out of the blue because they found the topics you were talking about too boring or they found that you were too passionate about a certain subject and since they have the option to just not respond to you or 'unmatch' you, it is very difficult to understand how you went wrong in your approach - leading to a very toxic environment where users can not trust each other with simple things such as personal hobbies.

In the end, dating apps are good if you want to find a quick casual relationship but are not suited for a sustainable relationship built on trust.

In the end, the best way to meet someone is to go out and talk to them in a more engaging conversation rather than sending a few messages across an app.


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