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Conscious fashion: thoughts speak louder than words

We all know the saying actions speak louder than words. But when it comes to fashion, thoughts speak even louder. Conscious fashion is a bit like journalism. Its thoughts in simple terms. Writers put their thoughts on paper and make other people think. Conscious fashion is our thoughts. Thoughts that are then reflected in our choice of clothes, beauty and anything we choose to put on our bodies or even buy.

What is Sustainable Fashion?

The word ‘sustainable’ is popping up more and more in todays society. But do we really understand the word sustainability? In my opinion, any brand that marks themselves 100% sustainable is lying.

Unfortunately 100% sustainable has just not been achieved yet. Being sustainable does not just mean using better materials. Sustainability is a combination of establishing better quality of lives for garment workers, fair pay, only putting out a few collections a year (and thats just to name a few). Sustainability is far from simple.

However… luckily there are some people who are doing great things for the fashion industry. Thats all down to thoughts over words. We are all in a position to be conscious fashion thinkers. So, let’s start spreading the awareness of sustainable fashion.

Who? What? Where?

Drapers recently announced they have joined a new partnership with the Conscious Fashion Campaign. They will be promoting sustainable development goals within the fashion industry. As a partnership, they will be addressing goals related to poverty, inequality, climate, responsible consumption and production, the environment, prosperity, peace and justice, to be achieved by 2030.

Asos are also championing sustainability with their programme Fashion with Integrity. They focus on people, packaging, product and also a route to zero carbon. Many brands are moving to be more sustainable as its something the consumers really want. But, its all well and good saying you will do something. What really needs to be shown from brands, influencers and consumers is a spreading of awareness.

Why conscious fashion is so important

It’s about care. Caring where your clothes come from, who made them, how much energy and resources went into the production. It’s so important to buy sustainably and do more sustainable things. But, the most important part is being conscious all the time. If the whole world was more conscious, maybe one day fast fashion wouldn’t exist. Maybe one day, garment workers would be happy. Maybe one day, the whole fashion industry will be sustainable.

We can all hope and pray for a better fashion future but it starts with you. It starts with us.

Us as conscious thinkers

I am very thankful to be in a position where I can make people think. I can spread awareness of the importance of sustainability. But what can you do?

Use your platforms to promote good for starters. Everyone has a voice… use it. Even if you’re only telling one person. That one person can go on to tell another person, and then another and another and before you know it 10 people are thinking more consciously (and that’s better than none at all!)

You can buy more sustainably. Think about your beauty products. Do you check that they are against animal testing? Can you buy vegetarian options? Are any of them vegan? Start by asking yourself those questions the next time you go out shopping. Check for those disclaimers. So many beauty brands such as The body Shop, Milk Makeup and B.Cosmetics, for example, are completely animal cruelty free and vegetarian. This means that no animals are harmed in the process of making the products, ultimately meaning a more sustainable future.

Think about your fashion habits. Can you find the same thing second hand? Vintage shopping is one of the best ways to be more sustainable these days (we know sustainable fashion brands are not always cheap). With platforms like Depop, we can find the same trends and styles but without buying into that fast fashion lifestyle. How good would you feel if you didn’t buy an item of clothing that was made my an underage child in the poorest conditions?

We can do better. We can be more sustainable. But to start with… just think. Think more. Talk more. Don’t fall into those same old patterns that are ruining our planet. Raising the awareness of conscious fashion will change the minds of so many and make people just think.

That's the first step in changing the fashion industry. So… go and tell someone your thoughts. Go and spread that awareness to one person. Congratulations… you’ve made the first step!


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