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Combating Climate Change Begins With You

What is climate change and what are the effects?

It is no shock to the world that we are suffering extreme consequences due to the effects of climate change. We are dealing with effects such as hotter temperatures, rising sea levels, increased drought, loss of species, the list could go on. The reason for climate change is down to greenhouse gases which trap the sun's heat; the world is now warming faster than ever before scientists say. several studies have found that over 90% of scientists who study global warming have found that humans are the primary source of global warming, with major scientific bodies such as NASA endorsing this view. Therefore, it is essential for everyone to be aware of how they can make little changes to their lives to change the world.

What can you do to help?

There are so many little things an individual can do on a day-to-day basis to help tackle the rising problem of climate change.

Reuse, reduce, recycle

Reusing or repurposing things such as old clothes, grocery bags, reusing old bedding and shopping at charity shops are all good ways to preventing waste.

Public transport or walking/biking

Using public transport has been proven to be much greater for the environment, with it helping to reduce CO2 emissions by 42% if using the bus, and a staggering 72% when using the train. Using public transport has so many great benefits too, with one being that you have time to relax and get a head start to your day by having some extra free time to yourself. Another benefit of public transport is that on trains for example, traffic is avoided therefore meaning you get to your destination faster. Getting around by walking can massively improve your fitness by being more active in your daily routine.

Save energy at home

The majority of our heat and electricity is powered by gas, oil and coal. We can use less energy by switching to LED light bulbs which are much better for the environment, lowering our heating and using cooler settings when washing/drying our clothes. You could also let your clothes dry naturally by hanging them outside or in your house to save even more energy.

Throw away less food

When you throw food away, it ends up in a landfill which produces a powerful greenhouse gas called methane which is dangerous for the earth. Instead of throwing away, try to eat what you buy and eat leftovers, and what you do not manage to eat you can compost certain foods.

Switch to an electric vehicle

If you are planning on buying a car, considering going electric could massively help the environment. Although they still run on electricity produced by fossil fuels, they still help reduce air pollution and they produce far less greenhouse gases than petrol or diesel powered cars.

Charity shops/selling clothes online

One great way of getting rid of unwanted clothes can be taking them to a charity shop; not only is it a benefit for you getting rid of your clothes, but the money goes to a great cause. According to the latest figures, charity shops are now estimated to earn around £360 million a year for their charities, which actually exceeds pre-pandemic earnings. We are lucky in this day and age to also be able to sell unwanted clothes online, such as on very popular websites such as Depop, Vinted, Ebay and many more. This gives so much more opportunity for everyone to be able to sell their clothes, making the world a more sustainable place.

How bad are the effects going to be in the Future?

This can all vary on how much we change our habits now, but if we carry on the way we are declining then here are some effects that will happen by the end of the century. For the Middle East and South Asia, it will be too hot for people to go outside when there is heat waves, with droughts affecting many countries. Poorer countries will face the effects the hardest even though they have emitted a small proportion of greenhouse gases. The reason for poorer countries facing the consequences the hardest is they tend to live in more warmer countries, therefore their climate will become intolerable. However, we can as a globe turn this around by starting with following simple steps to take at home as this article has mentioned.


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