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Climate Change: Keeping it Simple

Simple solutions to help slow climate change

How we are damaging are planet through excessive use of fossil fuels

Climate change is an urgent crisis, and we all need to play our part in to help save our planet. There is no planet B. One thing we can do is all start changing the way we do things in our home to be more sustainable to help slow climate change. It may be a daunting thought to have to change the way you have lived forever but even small things can go a massive way. It is our mission to save the planet.

A simple mission

"We have a single mission: to protect and hand on the planet to the next generation" Francois Hollande, former president of France.

At home, when you throw food waste away, do you chuck it in the normal bin with everything else? If so, then getting a food bin will help you be more sustainable and better for our environment. A food bin is a bin where you can put your food waste in, and it can be collected by your local council and it is used to create energy, which is a much cleaner source of energy and lowers the food waste in your household as well as being better for the climate. Also, to prevent food waste try put away left over food in the fridge instead of the bin and then you can have it for lunch, if possible. Not only does this prevent food waste, but it saves you money!

This next tip may be looked over as it is really simple. Leaving lights on and appliances on when they are not being used can burn through energy that isn't being used. Instead, always try to turn off lights when they are not needed, same goes with appliances that are plugged into walls like chargers, kettles, microwaves and so on. Even if they aren't being used, if they are switched on then they still use small amounts of energy.

Ever taken a short journey in a car, when realistically you could have walked or gotten public transport. Most of us a guilty of this! However, the simple change of walking instead of driving to do the school run can make a difference. Need to pop out for a few bits and pieces? Take a walk if possible, it lowers your carbon footprint, it is also good for mindfulness and your health. What's not to love? Using public transport can also lower your carbon footprint and can give you a rest from driving.

Reduce, reuse, recycle. These three r's can help you fight climate change, reduce the plastics you use, reduce your food waste. Start using reusable cups and bottles instead of single use plastics, this reduces the amount of plastic in the environment. Recycle more and more, and make sure to recycle properly, read the labels on plastic to see if it recyclable and what parts can be recycled, for example sometimes bottle caps can't be recycled but the bottle can, so only recycle the bottle.

Simple changes can really go a long way, although some may be inconvenient, inconvenience is worth saving our beautiful planet. Remember there is no planet B.


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