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Climate Change: How You Can Help

What is Climate change?

In simple terms, climate change refers to the long-term shifts in temperatures and weather. Now for how to help.

What is net zero and why is it important?

Net zero means cutting greenhouse gas emissions to as close to zero as possible. It has been scientifically proven that in order to avert the worst impacts of climate change.

This transition to a net-zero world is one of the most difficult things mankind has encountered but it is one of the most necessary changes. It all sounds very daunting, But it can be achieved.

How you can raise awareness?

One of the most useful and efficient ways of raising awareness in this generation is through social media. Social media is a powerful tool to spread your thoughts on climate change. This can be encouraging your friends to repost important content to help inform others to learn the importance of what is happening around us.

A very well-known climate activist, Greta Thunberg, inspires millions with her protests and again this shows the impact the youth and social media have to help raise awareness.

Ways you can help!

Another simple way to help fight climate change is to use environmentally sustainable travel methods as much as you possibly are able to. Reducing your emissions and carbon footprint will help to save the environment.

Using public transport like trains, buses, and cycling short distances are all environmentally friendly travel tips.

In your diet, you can also look into changing the food we eat as well as the way it has been produced in order to stop the impacts of climate change.

You may see a lot of people becoming vegan and vegetarian and many people who are looking to live a more sustainable life and cutting out red meats. One of the main reasons is the issue of beef production.

During beef production, greenhouse gases such as methane and C02 are released. These are contributing to climate change drastically and we are urged to reduce our weekly meat intake and replace it with healthier alternatives. This will help both the environment and our health.

Recycling saves energy and prevents the extraction of raw materials, helping to combat climate change. It also helps reduce waste, and therefore pollution. Recycling is so important as it reduces environmental impact as a whole, contributing to a “green” mentality and more sustainable lifestyles overall. Being green and sustainable will help the world!!

It also helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing energy consumption. Using recycled materials to make new products reduces the need for virgin materials.

Almost everything that we use can be recycled whether it is household materials like paper, plastic, metal, glass, furniture, toys, artifacts, vehicles, etc. Besides, opt for things from the market that can easily be recycled. Also, try to use merchandise that is made up of recycled products where possible.

These tips will overall benefit the environment, your home, and the world!!

All working together to save the planet!!


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