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Category Is: Red Carpet Eleganza

Why do we idolise the red carpet?

The glitz, the glamour, the fashion. The three main aspects of the red carpet. Every year celebrities pull on their finest outfits, strut, and pose in front of the paparazzi and we at home eat it up.

There’s just something about well-dressed famous people we can get enough of.

From the Met Gala to the Golden Globes, celebrities have always had us wanting more. But is this actually the whole plan? If we weren’t to watch and fawn over the famous, would there even be much of a red carpet at all?

For as long as I can remember I have been a fan of fashion, as have many others. Designers dreams consist of dressing the celebrities that walk the red carpet, and getting themselves noticed – because in recent years more important movements have arisen, shaking the whole fashion industry.

The #MeToo movement rocked the red carpet as women stood up for themselves and walked with pride. Movements such as this have now made the fashion and paparazzi change the way they cover the red carpet.

Tabloids: the real enemy?

We long to see the pictures and the articles, the inside scoop of these glamorous events. However, do we always end up getting the full story? In the experience of celebrities having scandals left and right, they have to defend themselves against the rumours. The prying eyes of paparazzi are never far behind them. Events such as the red carpet, see paparazzi flocking to them.

Rumours have always circled about celebrities. We choose ourselves whether to believe the rumours or not. Sometimes just a single picture can be strung out into a scandal.

Red carpet events bring a lot of hostility between the tabloids and the celebrities. All you need to type in is ‘red carpet scandal’ and you have hundreds of results, mainly about their clothes. It doesn’t even have to be a physical scandal, a dress is enough to cause a stir.

In the mindset of some people, clothes are the biggest scandal. All it takes if for a man to wear a dress and a woman to have a low cut dress and it sparks outrage. It’s the paparazzi who present stuff like this that create these problems.

Multiple times have they slated celebrities for just wearing clothes. For some, the tabloids do the thinking for them.

Changes need to be made, but what are they?

The mindset of people responding to the red carpet coverage has been a mixed bag. There’s people obsessed and celebrating fashion breakthroughs and amazing outfits. There’s people saying what they wear is wrong and inappropriate.

The red carpet seems to fuel the fire on celebrity scandals. The fashion industry does tend to suffer at the hands of the tabloids and paparazzi. The clothes made by the designers are the the things being slated.

It’s easy to see the effect that these rumoured scandals are having. Is it the red carpet that’s creating the problem?

Big Bang Theory star, Mayim Bailik was awkwardly asked if she could solve calculus questions seen on the show. The star quickly shut down the question, revealing she has a PHD in neuroscience.

The reporter was left flustered after this comeback from Mayim. It’s beings up the question of what people really think. Just because women dress up, it never means that they aren’t smart.

We will never not love the red carpet. The glitz, the glamour, the fashion, we’ll never get tired of it. Yes, rumours happen and this leads people to sometimes get the the wrong opinion.

But all that needs to happen is for people to appreciate the fashion, not hate it. It’s a simple as that.


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