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Can money BUY happiness?

Does a person’s financial situation determine their well-being?

A women hiding her face by holding a lot of money in her hand

What makes a person happy?

Happiness can be defined differently by every person. Some people would say happiness comes from their family and friends, while others may say happiness comes from having a high salary and being able to live a lavish lifestyle. However, there are many people who are extremely wealthy yet incredibly unhappy.

Money can buy happiness

Money is a vital part of everyone’s lives and the amount of time we all spend thinking about money is endless. Several of us have had thoughts like “if only I had the money to buy X, Y and Z”.

Money is known to be a reliver of stress, knowing you have the money to be able to keep on top of your bills can reduce any unwanted pressure or strain in your life. Instead of carrying the burden of having to pay your pills, you can enjoy life, go out with friends, and spend less time worrying.

We can all agree that paying for your fundamental needs is extremely important, but when you have the money to be able to cover all your needs then this will free up your mind which allows you to savour your life and experiences. Instead of putting as much effort into earning money to be able to cover your fundamental necessities, you can put your time and effort into enjoying life and what it has to offer.

"A person's ability to savour experiences predicts their degree of happiness."

Even though many people don’t believe that buying items can make people happy, paying for valuable experiences can offer people an abundance of happiness. Whether its travelling to the Bahamas to see the pigs at the beach or ice skating in Central Park in New York City, these expensive yet valuable experiences will make people happy.

“Whoever said money can’t buy happiness isn’t spending it right.”

You probably aren’t going to consider supporting others in a monetary way when you yourself are struggling to make ends meet. However, studies show that being generous and supporting others in monetary ways can improve your overall happiness, whether you are struggling with money or are wealthy. Even donating a small sum of money can and will increase your happiness.

Many people believe that ‘money can buy happiness’. Having money can help you and those around you which can lead to general happiness.

Money does not buy happiness

Although money is on our minds a lot of the time, there are other things in life which are deemed more important and valuable, such as family and friends. Therefore, many people would disagree with the statement that ‘money can buy happiness’.

We all live in this modern world where our technology is booming and introducing new products all the time. It has gotten to the point where our new items are becoming old in the space of a second because there is always something brand new coming our way. If you make money the basis of your happiness, then you will not ever be satisfied.

Sometimes money is not enough to make people happy. You may be the richest person in the world but may not be content within yourself. Yes of course money can buy material items, such as a brand-new Prada bag, which can make people feel good about themselves but that feeling can fade. There is more to life than having brand new luxury items, such as having your own family. Sometimes your true happiness comes from within yourself.

“Money can buy material things, but real happiness must be truly earned.”

While having money can relieve people's stress, money does not free people from all pressures of life, such as mental health issues like anxiety. There are many ways to help people's worries that does not involve having money, such as meditation and going on a walk in the park. These activities can clear peoples mind and create positive emotions which can lead to happiness.

One of the most important things in the world is something that you cannot buy. This is a happy family. Everyone has a biological family and even some have a non-biological family, but a happy family is something which is built. To make and maintain a happy family you will have to put time and effort in which is something that you cannot buy.

Many people would argue that ‘money can’t buy happiness’. Happiness can come from different sources and majority of the time money has nothing to do with it.

Is there an answer: can money buy happiness?

This debate has been going on for many years and there isn’t a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer for it as it is solely opinion based. There are many reasons why people would argue that ‘money can buy happiness’ as well as many reasons why people would argue that ‘money can’t buy happiness’. Overall, people can both agree and disagree with the statement and all opinions would be valid and accepted.

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