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Building Confidence and Inner Peace with Body Neutrality

The concerns of body image (skin, hair, weight and looks) is affecting human mental health and causes inner dissatisfaction among people. The fear of body image will never end even after spending too much money on different brands and plastic surgeries. Now is a time to understand the need to address this issue and to create awareness about body neutrality i.e. you should focus on what our body can do for yourself instead of your appearance insecurities.

The concept of body neutrality has shed light on the benefits of body functions to brings happiness and inner satisfaction. Let's think in a way, you should love your legs because they help you in running or you should love your neck through which you can rotate your head. This way of thinking is essential for the inner peace and happiness of the people. Through body neutrality people can accept their reality and can see their body as a set of functions rather than referring their body as a mark of identity.

How to practice body neutrality

There are different recommended practices through which you can practice body neutrality.

  • Think about blessings: Do think and talk about what your body can do. Do not criticise someone on their looks. stay positive about what your body can do for you.

  • Stay away from negativity: Do avoid negative people and mute the accounts and pages those talk about body looks.

  • Eat healthily: Eat what your body needs. Do avoid overeating and listen to the body how much food it needs.

  • Focus on your strengths: Focus on your capabilities and strengths. Focus on what you can do rather than what you cannot do.

Expert Advice

“Body neutrality could be helpful for someone in recovery from an eating disorder or just looking to be more connected to their body. Going from ‘I do not like my body’ to ‘I love my body’ can be a stretch for a lot of people. Body neutrality offers a space to observe without judgement and forced positivity.”

Lauren Leavell - fitness instructor

It is quite challenging to avoid what society is saying as many people are concerned with the body looks. But it is not impossible to avoid negativity, not to think about body looks and do focus on what your body can do to keep the inner peace and satisfaction.



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