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Be Chill and Don't Fill the Earth With Heat!

Global warming is killing the world

Global warming is not going to happen. It is already happening! The earth is the only planet we have to live on, and we do not want to ruin it even more. It is occurring every second and every minute, which is negatively increasing climate change. Society is putting a blind eye to global warming, and it is slowly destroying the earth. Over the last few decades, global warming has worsened, and we can see this as the world's temperature has been increasing over the years. There have been more droughts, tropical storms and glaciers melting faster. For example, sea ice in the Arctic Ocean around the North Pole is melting faster with warmer temperatures. This will cause flooding, which will affect people's homes and lives. This is only going to get worse in the long term.

What can be done?

Global warming is caused by many reasons, but the main reasons, according to scientists, are greenhouse house gases, deforestation, pollution and carbon emissions. Although no one can be held responsible for global warming, it can be addressed and prevented from worsening. The biggest impact is from businesses and international corporations as they emit more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than the typical person. In order to prevent further harm from being done to the environment in general, world leaders must also develop specific plans and step programmes at the government level. Finding the appropriate solution is essential, even though we are almost too late to slow the rate of global warming. Everyone must contribute to the effort to find a solution to global warming, from individuals to governments. Managing pollution, population growth, and resource consumption are a few of the aspects to consider. One of the best strategies to reduce carbon dioxide is to switch to an electric car or hybrid car. It is best for you as an individual to switch to a hybrid or electric car and take the bus or train when you can. This will mean pollution and congestion will go down as a result. In my personal experience, to reduce global warming, I would walk, take public transport, or would car share with my friends. Furthermore, you can also significantly contribute by reducing your use of plastic, as this is also a huge factor towards global warming. There are many methods to reduce plastic usage every day. For example, using a refillable water bottle rather than buying plastic water bottles every day, reducing buying plastic packaged products and going for alternatives such as tin or paper, reducing using plastic plates or cutleries and using wooden instead.

My experience with climate change

I never really looked at climate change and global warming too seriously when I was younger, but as I have gotten older, I have learnt that climate change is a very big issue in this world. In addition, climate change has become more talked about over the last few years through social media such as Instagram and TikTok, the news and people like Greta Thunberg, who have spoken publically about these issues. As these issues have been talked about more and more, I have been doing my part to reduce climate change and global warming. For example, I have reduced my usage of plastic by using fewer plastic bottles, and instead, I have bought a water filter which I can easily refill and use as many times as I want. Also, I have reduced taking taxis to get to places. Instead, I would walk or get the bus and tram, even though it may take longer. Before I started to take climate change seriously, I would buy plastic bottles and plastic bags without thinking about the damage they would do to the environment. Also, I would not think about recycling much, but now I recycle all my plastics and cardboard.

In conclusion, I think more needs to be done about climate change by individuals, businesses and the government. This is because, in the long term, there will be serious consequences, such as floods which will lead to people's homes being destroyed and death. Also, it will massively affect the next generation as they will have to deal with struggles when growing up, which will be unfair to them. If everyone plays their part in keeping the environment clean and healthy, global warming will increase slowly and hopefully start to decrease.

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