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Back to Basics: Brands that excel in minimalist fashion

Are you tired of the monogram infused-aesthetic which dominated the late ‘90s and early ‘00s? Bored of all the loud patterned, over branded clothes in your wardrobe? Well, luckily for you, minimalism is leading the way in the fashion industry today. No matter the year or season, minimalist pieces will not only last a lifetime but will also get better with age. Using the help of the top 5 minimalist brands of the moment, your wardrobe will serve a simple yet understated purpose.

Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta has become a defining force in fashion for its minimalist designs, ever since Daniel Lee took over as the Creative Director for the Italian brand in 2018. No matter if you prefer Pleated Cotton Shorts or a Cashmere-Blend Bodysuit, all of Bottega Veneta’s pieces of clothing carry the same prime effect; refined opulence. Bottega Veneta redefines minimalism by its own rules, by using different variations of colour, like its very own signature green hue or taffy pink, making way for a diverse palette which is still just as sophisticated as a neutrals-only wardrobe; an approach further enhanced with its use of materials such as fur and woven leather. While such brands as Fendi and Louis Vuitton have relied up-on monograms to make their signature mark, Bottega Veneta’s seamless aesthetic has been its victory to temporary acclaim.


COS, the Scandinavian fashion house, takes on a philosophical approach, aiming to produce clothes that are not controlled by trends or seasons but instead consist of enduring essence, engaging a deeper meaning of ‘minimalist clothing’. Hitting the perfect balance between thoughtfulness and casual coolness, COS portrays the type of technical tailoring that appeals to a wide market. Through the brands signature wide-leg linen trousers or big collared cotton tops, the brand has created a wardrobe showcasing women that want to dominate the ‘urban jungle’ vibe and looking fabulous whilst doing so.

Max Mara

Much like previously discussed brand, Bottega Veneta, Italian brand Max Mara also prides itself on its use of texture to create a unified wardrobe whilst combining their own unique high-end qualities. An evident example of this can be seen in its signature camel-toned Teddy Coat that assures comfort, sophistication and a character-infused appearance, far different from your standard wool coats. From Max Mara’s knitwear to its trousers, the continuous minimalist theme throughout its collections hopes to encourage women to shop consciously, investing in staple pieces that are luxurious yet also have a lifeline beyond just seasonal use.

Acne Studios

Unlike the previous brands mentioned, Acne Studios provides the use of minimalism and loud aesthetics, an approach that represents its multidisciplinary premise which draws on art, culture and contemporary acts. The Swedish based brand aims to produce quality clothing that is timeless, which showcases the brands’ holistic visions and also aims to focus on environmental strategy. From Overcoats to Boots to even Oversized Unisex Hoodies, each piece of clothing is carefully designed and crafted to promote comfortability and maintain the Stockholm fashion brands sleek modern look.


The French fashion brand A.P.C started out as denim experts in 1987, with its denim shirts and jeans being the brands signature pieces. Recently, they have expanded their brand and its designs, offering full menswear and womenswear collections, combining essential and minimalist mindsets with a promise to manufacturing clothing that represents ‘real’ people. From its Trench Coats to it’s A-line skirts, each piece can individually stand out in your wardrobe, creating a casual and elegant look. Stylish and casual looks, inspired by everyday life, is the main aim for the French fashion company using both classic and noble materials to offer quality minimalist pieces.

Throughout the decades, minimalist fashion has always been around, from Coco Chanel in the 1920s to Helmut Lang in the 1990s, and designers throughout the years have provided us with their own take on the prevailing style. The components may change from year to year or from season to season but its essence remains the same, whether presented by a brown suit or a black drop-waist dress. Minimalism is about taking away clutter and providing ease and elegance, whilst providing a sense of unidentifiability, meaning a person wearing the clothing could be anyone, from anywhere.


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