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Art, Mind and Soul

Covering this piece in one form of personal therapy which is creative writing/poetry, by letting words rhyme and flow; as well as looking at other creative ways of dealing with and/or treating mental health in the comforts of your own home, by having a safe space where we can speak our minds and tell your truth.

Digital art work
by Vanessa Caxinga

Therapy for the mind

With mental health being an issue that is still on the rise but more so in the public eye, the support systems and guidance are becoming more out of reach for ordinary people, like you and me. Finding a way to cope and build strength without causing harm or hurting yourself, by speaking your mind, painting your pain and letting go of your thoughts, knowing you’ll have another day to try again.

Looking at how poetry and and other forms of art can help with managing mental health and promoting self care, similar to therapy but one that is formed and adjusted to your personal needs, by understanding how words make us feel if the rhythm and the rhymes matches with our own ever changing mind.

Taking a look back in time, when I personally wasn’t fine but rather low and on the verge of letting everything go. I looked within and found that letting go wasn’t all that bad of an idea but rather rephrase and rethink to really understand “letting everything go” really mean by creating a formula that was designed for failure no matter what, I looked within or maybe between the lines and took some of those words and let them out. For me there is something so euphoric by finding the words that flow, and by creating a story of what was causing my pain made it all slowly go away. There is a bit of science behind all these rhymes, they spike our emotions with rhythm and flow; by language not too far from your own. Following a story told by someone so far away or already dead, but the words they’ve put together read like your own. Sharing an experience whether good or bad, it’s characters development, alright its a bonding matter with those alike and a story to share with others in mind.

From letting your emotions free in the form of metaphors and badly put together sentences; that only you could know the pain behind. To crying your eyes out at the words that were written way before your time, or that are telling a story so raw from the age of five. From professional writers with published books to the individual writing in a scrapbook, that freed their souls; now feeding ours.

The art be, for your soul

There is another way to clear your mind creating therapy in the form of art, start by grabbing a pencil or a brush and painting an image; or capturing it with a lens of a film camera or even your phone the possibilities are endless a mark to share memories something that sparks. Gets the creative juices flowing if you like, and speaking your truth from within your lines. Just try to look deep inside don’t focus too much on the final piece but more so on what it will mean.

Expressing with colours, lines and strokes which lack the context that words form a narrative to a normal form of storytelling, art gives us freedom to say what cannot be spoken. Not only giving your story a beginning, middle and end but also allowing it to grow into a collection of new narratives that will develop over time as you’re the key to the art; whether you unlock it just to those that are close or if you decide to make it a show for everyone to see a trophy of how far you’ve come and all the battles you have won.

Just to give you an push into the world of poetry and art, how to find the words flow and colours that match your tone; here's a list of some honourable mentions something to kick start your world of therapy for the soul:

Poets/Poem and Collections

Artist/Art Forms


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