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Are We Saving The World?

This question needs to be asked constantly. Why? You may ask, and the answer to that is simple. Right now our Earth is suffering from global warming with intense droughts, rising sea levels, and major heat waves, as well as disrupted seasons, therefore asking ourselves that question is crucial in understanding how we are contributing either to the rise of these conditions or to saving the world. However saving the world is not something that would happen overnight, that is why small steps and manageable goals are the way to save our beautiful planet.

Measures in place for climate change

In terms of measures taken to tackle climate change, The United Nations have set a range of goals that every country should be working towards, for example, President Biden has created the first-ever National Climate Task Force with 25 cabinet-level leaders who are working together toward major goals, such as reducing U.S greenhouse gas emissions 50-52% less than 2005 levels by 2030 as well as reaching 100% carbon pollution-free electricity by 2035. Not only this but since President Biden, a lot of progress has been made in the U.S., for example, 2 million electric vehicles have hit the road and the number of EV charger installations has doubled. In addition to this, President Biden has worked with EU counterparts to ask more than 100 countries to join the Global methane pledge, a new pledge to reduce methane emissions by 30% from 2020 levels by 2030. As for the UK, it has been working towards cutting more of its carbon gas emissions, for example, in 2020, the UK barely used any coal, down to zero for a couple of months. This shows that the UK is doing in working towards its goal of getting rid of coal by 2024 as compared to European countries whose target is by 2038.

What can we do as an individual to contribute to the issue of climate change?

Not only do countries around the world have to tackle the issue of climate change but we as an individual can also make changes and take part in solving the planet together. For example, we can try to save energy at home by switching to LED lights that use less electricity, washing the laundry with cold water, and hanging clothes inside or outside to opt out of using a dryer. We can then walk, bike, or use public transport when possible to avoid congestion in the air by increasing greenhouse gas emissions through driving cars, therefore opting for using trains and buses will reduce our carbon footprint by up to 2 tonnes per year making a huge difference. Furthermore, we need to be throwing away less food as by doing so, we are wasting all the energy and resources used for the food to be produced and be available for use to consume. In addition to this, when food rots in our landfill, it produce methane therefore aiding to an increase in greenhouse gas. This is why, reducing food waste will reduce carbon footprint in the long run. Other ways human can contribute to tackling climate change is to reuse and recycle products this is because items such as clothing and electronics produce high carbon emissions during their production, therefore opting for recycling products and shopping second-hand clothes helps in decreasing the amount of carbon emissions being created.

Conclusion on the issue of climate change

To conclude, I would say that there are measures in place to tackle the issue of climate change, however not a lot is being done by individuals and even countries, this is because some countries are starting to prioritise other goals instead of the ones see but the United Nations. The whole world needs to come together to tackle this issue both as individuals and countries. This is not only the issue of the president's of the countries who have joined the Paris Climate Agreement but also of humans who actually contribute a lot to the climate change and global warming. We need to start taking small steps to change our habit, such as really trying to catch the bus or walk when possible or where the route is only of 10/20 mins, even tho there are electric cars now starting to be available, if we start making a change with that carbon footprint will reduce dramatically given how large the population is. Lastly, I would like to remind everyone that every decision we make in our daily life impacts the lives of thousands of animals as well such as the white polar bears and the amur leopards who are in risk of extinction, so please ask yourself this question: Am I doing enough to contribute in saving our Earth?


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