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Are Companies Doing Enough For Employees Mental Health?

What is mental health?

One of the biggest issues this generation is facing would be mental health. For such an advanced species mental health seems to be one of the biggest issues and causing 14.3% deaths per year which accumulate to 8 million a year who suffered from this disease. Mental health is the emotionally, psychological and social well-being of a person. Along with this it will affect us mentally and will determined moods, how we feel, how we think and how we handle certain situations.

What have companies done?

With it widely regarded that companies do need to look after employee’s mental health with it in the past as an unwritten rule and being ignored. In 2023 it is as important to make sure that the company is doing enough to make users that employees feel comfortable in the workspace along with being happy. Examples of this would be Unilever the giant is known for going beyond with mental health with them introducing in person workshops for all employees which was added by the well-being steering committee. With companies setting up well-being pillars for employees to understand and use when needed showing that there are companies which are moving in the right direction.

What more can be done?

Not enough companies are doing enough for employee’s mental health. This would mean not understanding employees needs or putting the right support in place for companies this could be the right people and teaching skills to the employees. This would mean investment to have this and giving them the opportunities and with such a wide range of ages this would mean giving all generations and understanding of this illness and possibly even a bring in professionals for talks and advice to these employees.

Mental health is getting more traction and with this it has more attention which would explain mental health month along with this the bigger companies who have taken it upon themselves to implement support within their company. However, with no law along with just the idea of the unwritten rules morally right it is clear that more needs to be done around the world to stop one of the biggest diseases in the world. With it going to benefit everyone it has to be questioned why there isn’t more laws in place and more investment in each company to ensure that they have a healthy workspace and healthy employees. Even with all the attention it gained most companies priorities is the profits with so much pressure for most people to perform every company should be looking into and investing into methods to improve individuals’ mental health.

With such good technology in the modern day such as the internet, apps and therapy methods companies shouldn’t have an excuse to not support their own employees. With resources such as these available it shows that not all companies are doing enough, and they can do more looking at the overall results with it being such a high fatality count. With mental health unrecognisable from the outside and can come in many forms you can argue that the big companies wouldn’t have an excuse with the capital they could invest back into the people who are a part of this company. This could be harder for smaller companies but still not an excuse to neglect each employee needs and in conclusion for a company to run efficiently and earn high profits then the companies should be investing in the employees to maintain a healthy well beings along with a healthy lifestyle. This would produce better workforce which is giving advantages to the employees and the company. With it such a sensitive topic it’s hard to conclude a categorical answer but looking from a perspective of it benefitting everyone much more can be done companies for employees.


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