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Animals - The Impact and Influence Towards Fashion

One of the main reasons animals are routinely killed is due to the rise in demand for certain material that has become a staple to wear. In consequence, billions of animals each year are tortured and murdered to fulfil the the pleasure of consumers of the fashion industry.

In various cases, many animals will be used for other purposes such as the consumption of meat, whereby their skin is used second to fuel another industry where high profits can also be made. For the case of leather, wool, fur and feather, the economic value will highly influence the profitability of companies that play a part in the exploitation of these innocent animals.

However, it is safe to assume that the consumption of meat will not drastically decrease anytime soon, which asks the question whether it would be a missed opportunity of resources to not use the remaining material of the animal when killed for clothing.

Through innovation within organisations, the high development through technological factors has given the ability to produce non-animal material that gives the same visual and physical properties as it would if derived from a real living animal.

However the question relies on whether this will meet the needs and wants of the fashion industry consumers? With that being said, through the exposure of animal cruelty and the conditions they are left in has brought attention to viewers of digital content, as users are now visually able to witness the horror that they have indirectly contributed to.

This has impacted high amounts of individuals within today's society to form numerous groups to help promote the voice of the animals and stop the fashion industry from excelling by using material that has been extracted from an animal. Numerous companies from different areas of the world are now emphasising how their products are animal cruelty free and taking full advantage of man made materials. Nevertheless, many argue and have statistically shown that the production of these materials require heavy processing stages that ironically can cause more damage and harm to the planet and animals.

In global south countries, especially locations whereby individuals have to maintain the independence of obtaining their own survival necessities, the acceptance towards this continuation due to the animals providing a clear sense of purpose (food and clothing), however in countries that provide numerous living benefits and ease of survival, it would be looked down upon if these actions were permitted due to laws and regulations.

The main difference lies between the mindset and purpose of those with more responsibility to want to use animal material on their body for their own personal benefit or the comparison made between an individual who has no choice but to do whatever it takes. Through the awareness of seeing worn animal material by those in less fortune has risen a sudden trend implement this into societies daily lives, but with many not realising what they are actually wearing.

To showcase a sense of royalty or upper class living, individuals will it make it very clear by purchasing products that are marked at high prices in order to display their wealth, as such actions can be the purchase of winter jackets with coyote fur which can be easily replaced with fake fur, which contain very similar properties. However, some may argue that it helps maintain a powerful mindset, whereby they are on top of the food chain, above everyone else.


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