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Adopt. Don't Shop.

CW: This article discusses topic of animal euthanasia which could be distressing to some readers.

Animal shelters and rescue centres

Calls are being constantly received by shelters and rescues to report animals in need of help and they rescue those who require help the most by taking them in until they can be rehomed or released. There are around 2.7 million animals that are brought into shelters and rescues every year which has increased over the last ten years and will continue to rise as animals are continually being left abandoned on the streets.

"On average, it takes an animal shelter four days to become full."

The main reason that animals are being left abandoned is that the owners have moved and left their pets behind to fend for themselves meaning shelters and rescues are being filled up. More than 80 000 calls a year are made to rescues and shelters from people who want to adopt an animal and although this is positive, it still is not enough as the number of animals being rescued is significantly larger than those being adopted. Most of the animals in shelters have not experienced what it is like to live in a warm and loving home with a family who will look after them but through adoption, the abandoned animals would be rehomed to live a better life, making more space available for others who are in need of help.

Say no to breeding

Rather than adopting from shelters or rescues, there are people who buy their pets from breeders because they are looking for a specific breed even though there are plenty of breeds to adopt in shelters that need a home.

"Dog breeding is a business practice that profits from the reproductive systems of dogs."

Breeders can range from small business operations all the way up to large puppy mills in which the majority of dogs are kept in cages and crates, living in isolation without knowing what it is like to have affection or love from an owner. A large percentage of bred dogs develop health problems which can be due to the type of dogs being bred or the living conditions they are kept in which is very poor in puppy mills.

Many pets that are bought from breeders are left abandoned because the owners have come to the realisation that animals can take a lot of time, work and money to look after. The more animals that are bred, the more there are that are left to live on the streets or in a shelter and a great deal of these abandoned animals suffer and die from not having a suitable home. Some shelters even euthanise animals as they can become too overcrowded and most of them are not being adopted so it is important that people stop buying from breeders and choose adoption instead.


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