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A 'Swift' in a Good Direction

Women are judged for many things when it comes to our sexual life. It seems like it is socially acceptable to judge the number of people we sleep with, whether we've known a person long enough to sleep with them, and the question about our body count is still asked on many occasions. We have all heard some form of misogynistic comments and comparisons like "A key that can open many locks is called a master key, but a lock that can be opened by many keys is a shi**y lock".

Many would say women overreact and blow this problem out of proportion. But there're many examples of how our love life is a concern and a hot topic for many. In 2010s everybody knew who was Taylor Swift's boyfriend. She was accused of changing men like she was changing clothes, the media's main focus being on her relationships rather than music she was making. All the media scrutiny fell on her for being in 8 relationships between 2008 and 2016. Does that seem excessive for a woman in her twenties?

And while Taylor's case stopped getting as much attention and media coverage, women today still struggle with being judged. However, it seems like there is a shift in society that takes us into the direction of empowerment, women's sexual freedom and breaking the double standards. We are not afraid anymore of speaking about sex and having expectations or standards. We can see it in pop culture with raising popularity of songs like "WAP" , "Area Codes" or "Players", where women speak openly about being sexually active and enjoying it. And women clearly needed this type of empowerment, cause these songs go viral and we happily sing along that girls are players too.

Some studies have shown the masculinisation of women's sexual life in terms of their behaviour and certain opinions outside of a couple relationship. Women don't keep their virginity until marriage anymore and casual sex is more acceptable. And while we probably won't get rid of double standards for a while it is important this change is happening. So feel free to express yourself and do however you please, no matter your gender.


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