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A Penny for your Thoughts: Can Money Buy your Smile?

How money is the remedy to everyone's issues

How much money would it take to make all your problems go away? Would it take £1,000, £10,000, £100,000 or even £1,000,000. There is no real answer, as to a public's eye it may be millions, however to another it could be nothing. So how does money really impact our lives.

Does money have a psychologically impact on us?

There are numerous ways in which money affects us mentally some have benefits, however it is equal to the number of drawbacks it has on us physically and mentally. A Key drawback is the Anxiety money leaves on us, this can be due to paying bills, needing money to support our families or even when it comes to doing our essential shopping.

However, we can only wish that we somehow turn rich overnight to fix these problems or winning the lottery thinking on how these can amend our financial issues. These thoughts can lead to money dysmorphia, even though it is not seen as a mental illness it affects many people over the world leading to actual disorders such as depression and anxiety. As a study collected the results that 9 in 10 Americans agreed that being financially sound would make them feel happier and less stressed. Ultimately reducing the statistics relating mental health and money.

Are you at the top of the wealth bracket?

Society is a major factor to blame when we talk about the "wealth bracket" as they have set standards within today's life. Whether that be the clothes you wear or the phone you have, society have embedded trends in which you "have to" follow otherwise you will be looked down on for being different. This applies when talking about money as the average income in a UK house hold is £32,200, allowing us to determine which branch suits us, as if we earn more or less. Showing that 50% of all brits consider their selves as working class, 36% as middle class and only 1% in the upper class bracket. Each bracket having a significant effect on your lives and every path you take to build your future. Forcing people to work in their 70's to be able to financially cope in nowadays society. Leaving us to envy others due to the amount of money they possess, creating a negative stigma around the world, that if you don't make a certain amount of money you are classified as poor.

Although Money is a source of happiness its recorded that 8 out of 10 millionaires in the UK stated that they were happy due to their financial position, Showing us that money doesn't truly fix all of our problems, although they may fix our current position it states the question:

"what makes you richer money or happiness?"

A question that would require a contrast of answers.

What does money mean to you?

Money can have a numerous number of meanings, from the income you make, the little things you do with your friends and family or even the happiness you bring around others it results in some kind of money. Although to me, Money represents power, love, joy and much more. If we just looked at money as an object our money problems would just go away as we would learn to stop spending money on things we like and need, however would this make you happy? Would you sacrifice the things you like in life or things you do in life, such as go watch your favourite sports team live or go out with your mates. Just to save a few extra quid in exchange for happiness? I guess that for you to decide.

Relating this to the current scenario that's going on in the world. The cost-of-living crisis, it really does show us the difference on how its effecting families with a substantial difference in the amount of money they earn. As 92% of the UK's costs increased from the past year, forcing us to cherish every pound we got and be strategic when spending money.

It truly has made us appreciate the smaller things in life, but for how long, would it be until your next wage slip comes in? Or until you buy some new clothes? Or maybe when your mates are planning the next night out? I guess it's all ok. as-long as it puts a smile on your face.

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