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A Community Called Social Justice

How do social topics impact our life?

What is social justice? - The belief that all people should have equal rights and opportunities. Social justice should be transforming lives who are at a disadvantage, to be given support within their home and work environment.

Why is social justice important? - The idea of social justice promotes fairness and equity across many societies. However realistically, there is no resource for some schools and hospitals for those who need education and healthcare.

What are social justice issues? - The treatment of certain people is based on biases and prejudices. most prejudices are in our opinion a lifestyle in the sociological categories such as:

  • Age,

  • Race

  • Gender,

  • Sexual Orientation,

  • Religion

  • And many others that define us

Another issue is government regulations, which involve laws that create unequal conditions to limit or deny certain groups access to the same opportunities and resources available in society such as:

  • Voting laws

  • Health care laws

  • Policing laws

  • Education laws

Providing equal rights to global organisations to meet the same standards is challenging, but racial discrimination is still around. Even though there are laws in place allowing citizens to right to work or house sourcing, there is still racial profiling within the work and school environments.

Stereotyping can apply to any racial group which can direct a positive or negative viewpoint, both can have consequences in society. For example “Model Minority” is a Myth in America concept that Asians are good at math or black people are good at sports, but hurt other minority groups, if a minority struggles at school, then the teachers assume they don't need extra support.

Poverty and economic injustice are pressing issues for social justice, many people still lack access to food and housing today. The low-income families spend more on food, housing and transportation which is harder to spend on other essentials and save for the future.

How do you promote social justice?

Human rights to be provided for all is a long process with tackling social justice issues still facing. To actually make a change when it comes to social justice, it is important to explore and to better understand others. Getting involved is a good step, using social or other platforms used in communicating to your local mayor/ MP. it's best to know what is going on in your town.

Another way is to be part of the change, join a group and attend events to help with the cause. Groups and organisations will have people from different backgrounds and beliefs who can share information that you have not already known. Signing a petition will spread awareness in your area and hopefully other countries. In this place, people can access more information about what are the social issues and reasons for supporting the discussion.

Lastly, respecting others' views, when addressing a problem, when you want to change ideologists about the causes of social injustice but finding solutions might not be the right or ineffective but starting the process is a mall step. Human rights and social justice share the same goal.

Making social justice achievable is difficult because of poverty, discrimination and exclusion in society which do contradict human rights.

"Being myself" in media

What problems result from a lack of representation and responsiveness? - Games at the start, such as puzzle and action games were unisex, the game industry aimed at family audiences at a time when gaming was targeted at everyone. but because of a lack of sales, the publishers changed the gaming culture by marketing toward males.

In tv media, the portrayal of scientists we think is white males, because of the lack of role models within comics, however, in black panther, Shuri is a female scientist character and has inspired young viewers to be in technology and science.

Inclusive education - is to educate students in general education in their schools, with good quality instructors, and support to succeed in academics, inclusive schools should have a collaborative and respectful school culture and especially where students with disabilities can participate in school communities. When schools get more involved in changing their culture to include every student in their community.

Representation and inclusion do help strengthen the community as well as improve student outcomes.


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