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A Better Future: Sustainable Development Goals

What is sustainable development?

Goals and purpose

  1. Zero Hunger: providing access to food security and nutrition. preventing starvation and illness.

  2. Good Health and Wellbeing: providing access of medical supplies and healthcare assistance and support to those who are vulnerable and in need.

  3. Quality Education: access to free education, allowing people to learn and develop various skills.

  4. Gender Equality: ensuring both men and women are treated equally and have equal rights amongst each other.

  5. Clean Water and Sanitation: access to safe-drinking water and sanitation for everyone improves hygiene and livelihood.

  6. Affordable Clean Energy: access to safe and modern energy which is affordable to help with energy efficiency and reliability in daily life.

  7. Decent Work and Economic Growth: employment opportunities to everyone, this will help provide a fair income and help people support families and bills

  8. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure: provides labour productivity, jobs and improved quality of living based upon resource efficiency, technology and modernisation.

  9. Reduced Inequalities: diversity and equality amongst people, reducing discrimination and practicing legislation and policies associated with inequality.

  10. Sustainable Cities and Community: protecting the environment, promoting inclusivity, safety and economic growth and development.

  11. Responsible Consumption and Production: access to basic services and providing resource and energy efficiency.

  12. Climate Action: adapt to climate change and limit greenhouse gas emissions, reduce and prepare for climate-related hazards to promote sustainable living.

  13. Life Below Water: reduce pollution of oceans and seas, as they provide water and food as well as jobs.

  14. Life On Land: sustainable management of forests, protecting, maintaining and reducing damage caused to terrestrial ecosystems.

  15. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions: access to justice for all, building inclusive Institutions. promoting inclusive and peaceful society and community for everyone.

  16. Partnerships of the Goals: implementing global partnerships for sustainable developed resources, especially for Developing Countries.

The importance of all these goals is to make the world a better place to live in. Improving and developing changes to help vulnerable people who are at risk globally, mainly in developing countries. Demonstrating inclusivity and effort to improve quality of life and being a part of change. With these goals in place, it gives a clear focus on different areas, the objectives are clear and they all link well together.

Sustainable development today

As from 2016 Sustainable development reports are to be released every 4 years in order to monitor the progress of the development within the world on a wider scale. The most recent report which was released in 2019 titled 'The Future is Now : Science for achieving Sustainable Development', the report focuses on how the power of science contributes towards social, economic and environmental objectives and is written by selected independent scientists of different backgrounds and institutions. The report covers various factors such as political equality, less developing countries, private-sector innovations towards better health and much more. The report also covers the COVID-19 pandemic and how it has an impact on the relationship between human and planetary health. There are also various figures and data which have been collected and analysed in reference to information provided. The next report is currently under development due to be released in 2023 which will cover post COVID-19 pandemic struggles and practical solutions in order to progress and fulfil SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).


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