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55.5 North Founders Interview

As part of our Disability 2022 campaign, we are hosting a fundraiser for Teenage Cancer Trust. Thanks to the incredible generosity of our favourite small businesses, we will be holding a prize draw for our readers. Not only will December be a celebration for disabilities across the board, but a reflection on our ethos over the last year.

Becky of 55.5 North Earrings specialises in unique, handmade, and small-batch goodies. Following a career as a cancer research specialist, Becky is now succeeding in the field of medical education. Her wisdom and talent is something to be in awe of! Continue reading to find out more about one of our donations!

Why the name 55.5 North Earrings?

This is the latitude of Beadnell in Northumberland, a beautiful seaside village. I started

selling earrings from the wall outside our family home there and at the local car boot sale.

Have you always been interested in making jewellery? 

I’ve always had some sort of crafty hobby. For a long time, it was sewing and dressmaking,

but I’ve also tried watercolour painting (I was rubbish at it) and sliver jewellery making (very

expensive). After realising that I made more dresses that I didn’t like that I actually wore, I

wanted something different. On Facebook I saw someone making polymer clay earrings and

decided that was worth trying out……there’s nothing you can’t learn with a bit of patience

and the internet!

How does the earring-making process usually go?

It’s mostly done on my kitchen table, often in the evenings, sometimes with wine. I have no

real plan, style or theme; I just have an idea and try and make it. I like researching and then

trying new techniques; sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but for me, it’s about

enjoying the process. I am always thrilled when people like them!

How often do your run events? 

I consider what I do a ‘hobby business’. It’s small volume, and my goal is to cover my costs; I

keep it low-key and stress-free, balancing it with my full-time job and family. Most of my

earrings I sell through my online shop, but my mum and I still sell from the wall at Beadnell,

and we do local car boot sales (hopefully more in 2023 time willing).

Where can people find you?

Find me at @55.5northearrings on Instagram and Facebook, my online shop, or in Beadnell (see Facebook and Instagram for stall-on-the wall and other dates).

You mentioned that you work in oncology medical education - could you tell us a bit about


Yes, my full-time job is as a medical writer, specialising in cancer. That means supporting

pharmaceutical companies in educating doctors, nurses, other healthcare professionals and

patients about new cancer treatments.

How did you get into that?

I worked as cancer research scientist and then over 20 years ago moved into medical

education. With a cancer research background, I was able to use that knowledge to focus on

oncology education, specifically new therapies that harness the patient’s immune system to

fight their cancer.

What does the job involve?

It is a hugely variable job depending on the requirements of the pharmaceutical companies

and the treatments they are developing. The medical writing teams I work with can support

with anything from scientific papers reporting data from clinical trials to identifying how

pharmaceutical companies can help healthcare providers support patients through their

treatment journey - every day is different!

What do you wish more people knew about cancer?

It’s a hard question! From my perspective, I want them to know that as a result of the huge amount of research into cancer, there are now many new cancer treatments, and the prognosis for some types of cancer has changed substantially and continues to improve. There are also hundreds of thousands of people globally who work every day to help and support people with cancer.

How important do you think the conversation around cancer is?

In my opinion, it’s hugely important. There is so much fear, but awareness and early

detection is vital; if something feels different or isn’t right, talk about it and get it checked out - it could make all the difference. For anyone living with cancer, or who knows or cares for someone with cancer, there’s a lot of information and support out there for you; please reach out, ask the questions and start conversations to educate and empower yourself.


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