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5 things that you can do to help improve mental wellbeing

Mental Well-being is a state whereby the mind is in a healthy state looking forward to the lives of people in the year 2022 an average of 80% of humans, break down due to poor mental health.

Your mental health is crucial and it's your responsibility to take care of it, here are a few tips to improve your mental wellbeing.

Connect with other people

Your friends, are they positive or negative? What kind of effect do they have on you, are they annoying, fun, intimidating, etc.? Arrange a day out with friends you have not seen for a while. Try reducing talking in arguments even if you brought it up quickly end it as soon as possible by saying: It's all good my bad let’s not argue anymore. Spare time or leisure try volunteering at any less strength event it will improve your communication skills and give you self-worth.


Now not speaking about going full bodybuilder kind of thing. Doing yoga, stretching, or even hopping on the treadmill or combining all is a good habit that will elevate self-confidence and stable thinking. Having a routine partner is more interesting someone to encourage you as you do the same this partner must not be someone you know it could be someone with the same goals as you in the gym or an instructor all are good choices.


This part is very crucial no matter what kind of work you do you are not a machine; your bosses aren’t or even CEOs. The body requires an average sleep of at least seven (7). Making a daily habit of having a good night's sleep will help rest your body organs mostly your brain if you think of it mental health could just be BRAIN health now without the brain you can’t think there’s no mind. Preventing your body from sleep will affect your mental health. Let your body process the day of stress and get more strength to keep pushing by doing so you reduce the chances of getting light headaches in a day.


Know your limits everyone has a limit even a car has a limit. This is one big mistake people make mostly in terms of being assigned a task. For instance, in your workplace, you are good at text writing and your supervisor asks you if can you edit and summarize the documents and you say yes because you want to impress or help. Now for someone who’s trying to work on mental health you should check yourself and know if you could do it as smooth as your usual work is and if not decline in the most positive way possible. Now the second thing you can do is to work on yourself in a manner you can learn the new skills needed in a pattern that suits you.


Working from home or anywhere else try to change scenery and take a walk when the weather is nice that little fresh air is nice to the body. Go around the park or your neighborhood relax on the clean grass or bench and get your chill on. At that moment make sure you have no task for the day so peace will be rewarded fully. Have a nice chill organic fruit juice drinking and looking around reflecting on how the day is going or watch the sunset with your cool shades.


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