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5 LGBTQ+ TikTok Creators You Need To Follow

With a collective following of 15.5M, here are my favourite TikTok creators that are well worth a follow. Get these LGBTQ+ icons on your FYP.

TikTok has shot to the top of the world's favourite social media platform since the pandemic. On average, users spend a whopping 1.5 hours per day scrolling on the App. TikTok is considered a safe haven for people to express themselves however they choose to lead to a strong, supportive community full of LGBTQ+ creators. In celebration of Pride Month this June, here are a few creators that will inspire you, and empower you to be your most authentic self!

1. @cylovesfrogs - 952.3K followers

"I'm adding Oat Milk to my coffee *whispers* because I'm gay"

This ray of sunshine blesses our screens with delicious meal recipes from Southeast Asia, homemade earring tutorials and often takes us along on her weekly shop. She preaches positive mental health and celebrates her queerness with her partner Cass. Cy tells us herself on her blog that "I am a queer, Vietnamese-American woman (that loves frogs)". Her Vietnamese recipes are exciting and easy to follow and she encourages everyone to have a go at recreating the yummy dishes. She has an impressive collection of food-themed earrings and some she even made herself! Cy is raw and open about her emotions and we see the highs and lows which is so refreshing to follow an influencer that we can all relate to and who wears her heart on her sleeve!

2. @max_balegde - 3.2M followers

"Do not ever get drunk at Disneyland... you don't understand the amount of money I spent on things I don't need."

Max Balegde is an iconic king who graces our FYP with his funny and relatable content. He is best known for overspending at Disneyland, outlandish videos from nights out and general comedic moaning, most recently targeting Harry Styles for being spotted kissing a model. His dark humour often leaves us laughing at him rather than laughing with him with hundreds of thousands of views on each Tok without fail. Towards the end of 2022, Max launched his new podcast The Useless Hotline with George Clarke. His success is fast and fabulous.

3. @dylanmulvaney - 10.8M followers

"It's day 1 of being a girl and I've already cried 3 times"

Dylan Mulvaney is a trailblazing trans woman who is loved by millions. 10.8 million to be exact! She shot to popularity by vlogging every single day of her trans journey right from day 1 and she is currently celebrating well into her 400s! With the catchy intro "Day XX of being a girl" she provided us backstage access to the beautiful and trialling life she leads whilst transitioning to the person she was always meant to be. She has a voice in politics and made history as she recently visited the White House at the invitation of President Biden to discuss the future of trans youth and transgender people as a whole in the United States!

4. @rob_madge_ - 214K followers

"In 2009, I was that gay that used to turn my house in to Disneyland"

When Rob was twelve, they attempted a full-blown Disney parade in their house for their grandma. Rob played all protagonists from Mary Poppins, Ariel, Mickey Mouse and Belle, their dad doubled as Stage Manager, Sound Technician and Goofy. Madge's TikTok is littered with these outrageously funny videos of them as a child forcing their family to watch them perform Disney classics, all taking place in their family home. Rob's Tik Tok career began with posting these nostalgic home videos and has now grown into an incredibly successful show on the west end named "My Son's a Queer, (But What Can You Do)". Following sold-out runs at the Turbine Theatre, Edinburgh Fringe and the Garrick Theatre, Rob has just finished a residency at Ambassadors Theatre, London. Well worth a watch!

5. @charleymarlowe - 264.5K followers

"Someone hand me an umbrella, set the clocks back to 2007 and call me Britney Spears 'cause I'm close to having a breakdown"

Every time Charley posts a video on TikTok, I feel like I'm on Facetime with my bestie. Her painfully funny northern humour will have you in fits of laughter as she tells tales of her misfortune right down to the littlest detail. She often supports her favourite t-shirt stating "I LOVE MILFS" and regularly reminds us of her undying love for Jane McDonald. Charley's content consists of skits, powerful ads featuring sex toys and general comedic stories of what she is getting up to. You're always guaranteed a giggle when she pops up on your FYP.

Honourable mentions

I could very easily continue to write about all my favourite LGBTQ+ creators but we don't have all day *cry*. So I thought I would include some honourable mentions that are well worth a follow:









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