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5 Adaptive Clothing Brands You Need to Know About

Having a physical disability comes with many daily challenges but getting dressed and feeling confident shouldn’t be one of them.

Wheelchair friendly clothing is becoming more widely accessible (as it should be) so here are five brands that are revolutionising the wardrobes of people with a disability.

Tommy Hilfiger released an adaptive clothing line that responds well to those that enjoy high end fashion but need something that is easier to put on. It’s positive to see popular brands represent this style of clothing as it’s so important for everyone to feel they have access to what they love, and to feel heard and appreciated by their favourite brands. Tommy Hilfiger’s collection is catered for men women and children, with magnetic closures, one handed zips and subtle part openings. With the help of research and feedback, they are continuing to release and work on this line to improve the lives of those in need.

Slick chicks are a brand that focus solely on adaptive, comfortable underwear for women. Their slogan “you adapt to life, let’s adapt to you” instantly establishes the understanding of life with a disability and the necessity for those to feel recognised without the condescending undertones. I love the fact this brand is primarily focused on adaptive clothing rather than having a small section within a large brand to help become more inclusive. This shows dedication and genuine attention to research. The downside of this brand is that the price range is very high, meaning it’s less accessible to those with a low income. Additionally, the design of the underwear is very plain and less feminine than some women may like. I understand the small business may not have the capacity to provide more intricate designs, however the market for adaptive underwear should have the same design recipes to non-adaptive underwear to provide choice to its consumers.

Zappos are a great retailer for adaptive clothing for men women and children. They carry a huge selection of options to chose from, as well as many brands. This is a great shop for those who want to dress with ease without having to compromise on fashion. Children especially want to keep up to date with trends and with brands such as Nike, Jordan and Abercrombie and Fitch. The site has a a 24/7 service and free delivery on all orders without a minimum spend. This caters for a variety of incomes and shopping habits from the comfort of your own home. I have struggled to find a downfall with this brand as I think they have thought about many possible issues a person with a disability may encounter, with fast and friendly service.

Ugg and Zappos collaborated to enable the classic comfort of Ugg to a wider audience. The brand designed a wider fit shoe for easier wear, as well as a side zip and pull tag for an easy motion when putting them on. These shoes are a timeless piece that we have all owned or thought about buying one time or another and it’s great to see that they are now available for a larger community.

IZ adaptive is a modern brand that provides timeless designs for wheelchair users. They have a wide selection of clothing for men and women. This brand has a specific non gender range of unisex accessories and clothing. This is an important feature and one that gets left behind frequently in the adaptive clothing market. As the population grows, so does the need for brands to cater to a larger audience, which include an expansive range of needs and wants. This brand has investigated the importance of high fashion and accessibility without having to make compromises. The price range of this brand is very high, meaning it’s not available to everyone, however the quality and timelessness of each piece makes it worth the treat every now and then.

By researching these five brands I feel there is a desire for more brands to branch out into adaptive clothing. It’s important for individual’s esteem to feel they’re still able to wear the brands they love without the hassle of high price tags and unaccommodating design.


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