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4 Podcasts Celebrating Body Image and Self-Help!

Podcasts are becoming extremely popular. Whether you are doing housework, sitting on the bus, or enjoying a morning coffee. Listening to a podcast is an easy way to catch up on the latest news, have interesting conversations, and learn.

As a response to this societal issue, there have been many pods published discussing this topic in more depth with an aim to aid people who are struggling.

Here are my 4 podcast recommendations which discuss body image and self-help.

Why not take a listen!

1) Life's Your Bitch podcast by Megan Short - Body Confidence & Self-love ep

Originally, I found Megan on YouTube. I loved her positive but real attitude towards university life, and I could not wait for her uploads! Then she made a podcast. This podcast is like having a wholesome chat with your big sis! She gives solid advice to questions sent into the pod, and lots of these questions are relatable.

This episode focuses on body confidence and self-love, they start the conversation about childhood experiences, as most children are brought up in a society where it seems that appearance is the most interesting aspect of you. But it is far from it.

As individuals, we owe it to ourselves to change our mindset toward body image so we can be free to embrace life to the fullest without social pressures.

Key tools learnt from this pod are journaling and gratitude, taking a social media cleanse, and being your own hype girl.

2) The Mindset Mentor - Perfectionism Sucks with Rob Dial

Has your body image ever refrained you from doing something you really want to?

Listen to this podcast to gain a different perspective on being “perfect”. Rob Dial changes the narrative about perfectionism and unveils its true meaning. The key message I have learnt is that many people are striving for perfection, as they are afraid to be judged, to feel not good enough and they are afraid of people’s opinions.

Fears started by society are destroying the dreams we want to create for ourselves and holding us back from living life to the fullest. Rob uses a great analogy in which he challenges the listeners to go outside and pick the perfect tree. Could you do that?

3) Anything Goes by Emma Chamberlain - Body Image & Self-acceptance ep

Emma talks from a place where she is still working through her self-acceptance and body image journey. Throughout this episode, Emma talks about her experience and struggles, which otherwise we wouldn’t have known from her YouTube channel.

An interesting societal issue that Emma addresses is, the value our society places on appearance when, in fact, our value as humans should not correlate to what we look like at any given moment.

Near the end of the podcast, Emma shares the ways she blocks out the toxic voice when feeling self-critical in order to accept herself regardless of what’s going on around her. This podcast episode highlights that even one negative comment can hinder someone’s confidence for the rest of their lives which is an incentive to always be kind and respectful.

4) Therapy Thoughts by Tiffany Roe - Body Image ep

"86% of American women are dissatisfied with their bodies"
"92% of girls worldwide don’t like at least one aspect of their body."

Tiffany Roe is a mental health counsellor and psychology teacher who uploads quick episodes to share real tools and tips to improve your life.

Have you ever been on a diet, lost some weight, but still feel bad about your self-image? Well, inevitably you will do, you need to change your perception of self before your self-image will change.

Self-compassion, self-love and a flexible state of mind are the ingredients to change the narrative about your body image. Acknowledging your worth as more than your physical appearance is the key to becoming more content.

In this podcast, Tiffany uses a tool, to help the listeners rethink their perspectives of certain body parts. This was extremely useful, why not give this a go?

Invest in Yourself

These podcasts are just a few of thousands that are on the internet which will help you rethink body image.

So go invest in yourself and make a positive change.


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