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10 of the Best Celebrity Festival Looks

Festivals are some of the biggest events of the summer, regardless of which side of the Atlantic you’re on. The UK and the US hold some of the biggest festivals on the globe which see celebrities from far and wide attend. Arguably, the two biggest festivals with the most media coverage are Glastonbury in the UK and Coachella in the US.

Fashion is one of the most important things at a festival and standards are always set high. Fans and celebrities attending festivals tend to pick out their outfits way ahead of the actual event, hence why this type of fashion is hard to compete with.

In the past, festival fashion has been all about crop tops and flower crowns but this is no more. With celebrities going all out on their outfits to these music events, we take a look at 10 of the best celebrity festival looks from the two most popular music festivals.

1. Kylie Jenner at Coachella 2016

Nothing screams Coachella fashion more than Kylie Jenner’s rainbow wig that she debuted at the popular festival in 2016.

Still a teenager at the time, the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters used Coachella as her very own fashion show by wearing several different outfits to the festival, including a bejewelled bikini.

2. Alexa Chung at Glastonbury 2019

Alexa Chung is no stranger to Glastonbury, being one of the many celebrities that flee back to Somerset annually for the major festival. Not only does Alexa just turn up to the festival and enjoy what it has to offer but she is always on the best dressed list.

In 2019, the former model was spotted wearing another iconic outfit to add to her festival ‘fits list. She sported a Barbour jacket from her own collection.

3. James Charles at Coachella 2019

James Charles is one of the biggest make-up moguls out there so it’s no surprise that he usually goes all out with his Coachella outfit.

The previous year at the festival, the beauty star shocked fans when he wore a thong but in 2019, his first outfit of festival season was majorly toned down. He only showed part of his midriff in this all-black outfit that he posted to Instagram.

4. Nick Grimshaw at Glastonbury 2019

Nick Grimshaw might as well be hailed as the British King of festivals as he is spotted at several each year. Glastonbury is one he never seems to miss and is spotted every single year there, with pals from BBC Radio 1.

He always seems to go with the traditional Glasto look; a t-shirt, shorts and wellies. 2015 was no different, he wore a simplistic festival outfit. He paired a printed tee with some floral shorts and the Glastonbury staple, a pair of wellies.

5. Vanessa Hudgens at Coachella 2011

The Queen of Coachella herself, Vanessa Hudgens has been setting Coachella fashion standards high ever since she first attended back in 2009.

2011 is when she wore one of her most memorable festival outfits, which has inspired plenty of hippie festival outfits across the globe since. She wore a boho yellow crop top with flowers sewn in and classic Daisy Dukes, teamed with face paint and several accessories, including thigh jewellery.

6. Emma Watson at Glastonbury 2010

The only time Emma Watson has been spotted at Glastonbury was back in 2010, when she was just fresh off filming the final Harry Potter movie.

The actress turned activist wore classic denim shorts with wellies (obviously!) and a tight Louis Vuitton corset. She also carried a camera, which when looking at festival outfits you don’t tend to see, especially nowadays.

7. Brooklyn Beckham at Coachella 2016

Being brought up by 90s icon and fashion designer, Victoria Beckham, it’s understandable that Brooklyn Beckham is very clued up when it comes to fashion. Even when it comes to dressing up for Coachella.

Brooklyn pulled off a 90s look when attending in 2016. He wore a floral Gucci shirt, unbuttoned slightly of course, some black skinny jeans. But instead of the wellies that we see so many of at UK festivals, he paired the look with some trainers to match the shirt and pair of sunglasses.

8. Niall Horan at Glastonbury 2016

The former One Direction member, Niall Horan, is also a regular celeb who is often spotted in the muddy fields of Glastonbury. His ex-band mate, Louis Tomlinson, even turned up to the festival with him one year.

In 2016, Niall wore jean shorts that matched his plain long sleeved shirt. He also wore a long beaded necklace to accessorize the outfit, alongside ankle wellies, a snapback and sunglasses.

9. Rydel Lynch at Coachella 2019

Rydel Lynch, member of American band R5, has always been into fashion. So much so that she now owns her very own boutique and became a successful YouTuber due to videos on fashion and makeup.

When she attended Coachella in 2019, her outfit was the main point of focus. She wore a sheer star-patterned cropped top over a bralette and paired it with denim shorts that had stars sewn on to match her top. She even added a cravat to the outfit and styled her hair in half-up, half-down space buns.

10. Jarvis Cocker at Glastonbury 2015

The frontman of Pulp, a British band best known in the 90s, Jarvis Cocker famously headlined the festival with the band back in 1995 and had to camp on-site.

But in 2015, he was just attending the festival like everyone else. In this fan’s photo, he was captured wearing a blazer and jeans. He may be the only person to ever wear something like this at a festival. A very unusual fashion choice for an unpredictable festival but a bold choice nonetheless.

Festival fashion has shown us some brave looks over the years, as proved here by several different celebrities. But it is a fashion trend that will be here as long as festivals are here.

Hopefully we’ll be able to see more festival looks this summer, with the majority of UK events looking likely to go ahead!


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