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10 Celebrities Struggling with Mental Health Issues

1 in 6 people experience mental health issues. Celebrities are not excluded from these statistics, since they're normal human beings too. Let's see some cases of famous people affected by these problems.

1. Daniel Radcliffe

The Harry Potter star has been reported to be struggling with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) since the age of 5. He's admitted to needing to repeat sentences quietly to himself or waiting for long periods of time before being able to switch the lights off. That's the repetitive behaviour which made him realise he needed to seek help; he's been coping with the condition better since then, and encourages people with the same issue to ask for help too.

2. Pete Davidson

The comedian has been suffering from BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder). He's been told he shouldn't be dating people because of his condition, however, he replied: “just because someone has a mental illness does not mean they can’t be happy, and in a relationship”. Pete revealed the year he found out about his condition was a nightmare; however, he's going to therapy regularly and taking medication, which, he says, are slowly working.

3. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt spoke about his depression during the 1990's and how he fought against it. He couldn't wait to get home and be by himself every night, until the moment it worsened and he realised it was just wasting his time.

4. Winona Ryder

After the break-up with the actor Johnny Depp, Winona Ryder fell into depression and had constant anxiety attacks. She decided to seek help with a private therapist the day she fell asleep while smoking a cigarette, and set herself on fire.

5. Dwayne Johnson

After years of experiencing depression during his 20s, Dwayne Johnson finally decided to ask for help. In Men's Health magazine, he talks about the difficulty of doing so for men, who choose ego over help. He also emphasises that there's no shame in the act seeking help, and that it is truly a powerful action.

6. Lizzo

The singer has been struggling with severe depression, even though she's known for her energetic personality, Her condition got so bad, she almost left the music industry. Lizzo made it out of her darkest time thanks to her family and friends, who supported her through it all.

7. Selena Gomez

When the singer got awarded with the 2019 McLean Award for Mental Health Advocacy, she decided to be real and honest: she admitted to suffering from depression and anxiety. She recognises her life has been given with experiences and opportunities that not everyone has, however, she's still human, and her mental health issues don't make her weak or less than anyone else. She decided to reveal this to convey the message that people need one another and asking for help is normal.

8. Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello struggles with OCD, but she deals with it in a different way: she fights it with irony. She revealed that it is a weird condition, and her family and friends laugh about it with her; that's how she gets through it. She also started her journey with CBT (Cogntitive Behavioural Therapy) and mediation.

9. Charlie D'Amelio

The TikToker has revealed to be dealing with panic attacks and disordered eating, caused by her sudden fame. When one of her videos became viral in 2020, she didn't know the consequences that would have come along with it: internet trolls and bullies. The teenager deals with it by seeing a therapist regularly and not reading any comments online.

10. Megan The Stallion

The rapper has been struggling with anxiety and speaks about it in her songs (such as Anxiety itself) and her new hub with resources for mental health for whoever needs it,

In conclusion...

All these celebrities have found a way to deal with their issues and heal, whether the solution is a therapist, family and friends, time, mindset or meditation. They have overcome some of the darkest periods of their lives, and are willing to inspire their listeners to never give up and do the same. Seeking help is the factor that all these celebrities have in common, and the first step that should be taken to get better.


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