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Policies + Guidelines

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Creating a safe and fun place to learn

Mindless Mag has implemented a series of policies, disclaimers and guidelines to help ensure the safeguarding of our community, our storytellers and our team. The below policies also depict Mindless Mag's professional stances and efforts to ensure the content we publish measures up to our professional standards as a platform.

We are sharing these policies and measures with you for transparency and accountability, so that our community can be confident that we are working to uphold the standards we set out.

Accountability Policy

As a company, we want to have transparency with our community. Whilst we may have the best intentions, intentions are not always met by the outcomes. As a company, we have regrettably learned this the hard way. This means, going forwards, that we are open to and in many ways expect our community to uphold us to a standard of integrity and accountability if they feel we are falling short. This is part of growing and learning together. As humans, we will not get everything right all the time. We wouldn’t be human if we did. But we want this space to be safe, inviting and a celebration of everyone and to the best of our ability, we will always ensure that this is the case. We know the learning and unlearning is endless but we hope as a community we can help make positive changes in wider society.

Community Engagement

We invite our community and readers to build on the conversations and themes in the articles we publish, however we ask that this is done with compassion and respect as to encourage our storytellers, community and anyone else reading, to be active in these important conversations, as opposed to belittling the efforts of our storytellers. The road to a better future starts with a single step and for many of our storytellers, these articles could be the first encounter of a topic.

Zero Tolerance & Misinformation Policy

We have a zero tolerance for hate speech, abuse and discrimination of any kind on any of our platforms or content we publish and we will take applicable action if we find anyone in breach of this policy when engaging with Mindless Mag. If you feel that you have been subject to personal mistreatment in any capacity whilst using our website or our social media platforms, please inform us as soon as possible via so that we can take applicable action.


We also will not stand for bullying directed towards any of the Mindless Mag team and/or storytellers or misinformation being spread about Mindless Mag business operations without any credibility to an alleged accusation.

Content Opinions Disclaimer

The opinions expressed in each article are of the individual who wrote the article and do not necessarily reflect the values of Mindless Mag as a whole. Mindless Mag adopts a critical approach to global industry and systems through encouraging storytelling of different perspectives. We encourage different perspectives to curate and present a more rounded and broadened understanding of the topic at hand to our readers and global community. We believe critical and (where appropriate) balanced discourse is an important attribute to identifying and implementing actionable solutions individually and collectively.

Sources Disclaimer

Although we strive to present data and statistics with as much accuracy as possible, ultimately, we do not claim 100% accuracy from the sources published in our articles. Our storytellers mostly rely on the research and findings of secondary sources and are reminded to credit sources through external links. 


Please note that our articles are not written by industry experts (unless explicitly stated otherwise). They are mostly written by interns from Mindless Academy, who have embarked on a 4-week programme to boost their understanding of industry and systems in relation to Stuff That Matters, to identify where positive change is taking place, where work still needs to be done and how they can play a role in that, should they choose. Interns present their insights, perspectives, views, and findings in the articles published at Mindless Mag.

Our Compassion Guidelines

At Mindless Mag, we want this to be a safe space for everyone to learn and grow. Everybody has the capacity to be re-informed, and change their mind when new information is presented to them. That is the very nature of being human. We constantly change as does the world around us. 


People can refrain from speaking up about important issues because they’re scared of saying the wrong thing or not getting the facts quite right. This is hugely counterproductive to real progress when tackling any issues, personal or societal, small, or large. The ability to uplift and enlighten one another through the power of sharing stories has been passed down for generations. It is through the power of storytelling we are encouraging anyone and everyone to find their voice in critical discourse. We ask that this is considered when engaging with Mindless Mag.

Image Sources Disclaimer

All images used across Mindless Mag's platforms, including this website and social media, are free stock images downloaded from either Pexels, Unsplash, the website service provider or Canva stock, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

The images we use are, to the best of our knowledge, displayed under fair use principles. If you are the owner of an image we use and believe that we may be breaching copyright law, please contact us and we will resolve the issue. We respect the intellectual property of the owners of any images we share and upon an owners request, will happily cooperate to remove images accordingly. Alternatively, if you feel that there is incorrect information relating to an images use or context, please inform us immediately so we can also resolve any issues. Thank you.

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