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Mindless Mag Fashion Pledge

Mindless Mag Pledge 2022

Mindless Mag Fashion Pledge


Fashion is a fantastic tool of creativity, self-expression and community belonging. But it shouldn't cost people and planet. That's why we're encouraging our community to take the Mindless Mag fashion Pledge,

a commitment to be #LessMindlessAboutFahshion in 2022!

The Mindless Mag Fashion Pledge is a commitment to be a conscious fashion advocate by practicing more mindful fashion behaviours and trying alternative fashion access channels and methods before (only if completely necessary) opting to buy something new.

Easy as 1, 2, 3!


This personal challenge is a fantastic way to get more creative with your fashion decisions. It goes without saying that it'll do heaps of good for the planet and you'll probably save some money too! Here's how to get involved...

Mindless Fashion Pledge
Mindless Fashion Pledge 1b.png

1. Complete The Form

2. Share Your Pledge

Select your downloadable pledge content from our pre-made Community Sharing Kit below to share on your socials. Remember to tag us and use the hashtags #MindlessMagFashionPledge #LessMindlessAboutFashion


Choose your favourite pre-made post from the collection below. Hover over an image and select the downwards arrow to download. Click on an image to view expnaded.

Mindless Mag Pledge 2022 (4).png

3. Practice Your Pledge

Put your pledge into action and be sure to tag us in any content you post! We'll reshare all your content and be celebrating our community pledges through a Community Pledge Gallery on our website soon!

Remember to share your progress and let us know how you're getting on and how you're putting your pledge into practice.

Instagram @MindlessMag

LinkedIn @MindlessMag

Facebook @TheMindlessMag

Hashtags #MindlessMagFashionPledge #LessMindlessAboutFashion

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Q: What does being 'Less Mindless About Fashion' actually mean?

A: We want people to challenge their own fashion behaviours and consumption, to really examine how mindful their fashion choices are. When we become more mindful about our fashion choices, we become better equipped with the insights as to how we can help change fashion for the better, by inspiring individual advocacy which translates into collective action, that helps bring about positive change across the industry.


Q: What if I break the pledge or can't commit for a full year?

A: First of all, we're not here to judge. No matter where you are on your conscious fashion journey (whether you're many years in or just starting out) it's important to remember that being less mindless about fashion is just that, a journey. Taking the pledge doesn't mean you're signing up to be the 'perfect' fashion consumer. Such a thing simply does not exist. Instead, this pledge is a commitment to yourself to play a positive role in changing fashion for good and trying to make better fashion choices where possible. We're all in this journey of learning and change together. 

Q: Do I have to pay to join this pledge?

A: No! This pledge is just a commitment to yourself and requires no payments whatsoever. All we ask is that you share with your friends and followers that you're taking the pledge (please see the Community Sharing Kit above to make this easy to do), to help inspire others to make more mindful fashion decisions. 

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