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Who We Are


Mindless Mag is a female-led, community-based digital publication for Stuff That Matters. We harness the power of storytelling to drive positive social and environmental change. We are storytellers. We are citizens of Earth. We are advocates of social justice. We are conscious and curious. We are change-makers. WE ARE MINDLESS MAG.

Each month we run a Stuff That Matters campaign, exploring important social issues such as mental health, feminism, climate change, body image, sexuality, and so much more! Each topic shares a diverse range of perspectives and insights from our storytellers all over the world.

What We Do

Whilst it’s important to contextualise stories with information, it’s also important and powerful to be an active thought-leader that inspires change and explores positive action taking place. We want to elevate voices. We want to have those voices heard. We want to drive positive change,

Why We Do It

Group of Gen Z protesting for Freedom and Equality

Our Campaign Partners

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